New Dogs Arrived - More Coming Soon!

When you adopt a greyhound you save the lives of two, the one you take home and the one you've made room for in one of our foster homes.......Thank you!

WELCOME TO ALL OF OUR VISITORS! Are you seriously considering greyhound adoption? This is a wonderful place to start…by ooh’ing and ahhh’ing over these magnificent animals.

Please keep in mind that this listing is a partial glimpse of the available greyhounds looking for their comfy couch. Their profiles consist of preliminary information and can change after they are in foster care. Our Placement Coordinator has the most up-to-date information and has the responsibility of matching greyhound to family.

If you have any questions about our adoption procedure, please contact our Placement Coordinator, Christine Guth, at Remember, greyhound adoption does not fall into the “doggy in the window” category. There is a lot more to greyhound placement than falling in love with their photograph or the brief description below.

Click on a picture for a larger view.

Battle BATTLE – Battle is a stunning black four year old male who is almost 70 lbs.  He has been busy learning the ropes in his foster home and loves to play followed by typical long greyhound snoozes.  Battle does very well with adolescents and other greyhounds. While Battle goes in a crate, he prefers napping next to a person.  Battle has been busy learning tricks such as sit.  He is fully house trained and walks very well on leash.
Carney CARNEY – Carney is a red male who was born on 6/1/11.  He is adjusting to home life and living with other hounds.  He is described as an adorable boy and very very lovely.  He has already been to meet and greets, did you have a chance to meet him? - if you did, you made his day as he loves people and attention.  Check out some pics on our facebook!
Good Cheer GOOD CHEER – 5 year old Cheer is a very tall brindled male who is really enjoying home life.  He has also loved all the meet and greets his foster family was able to attend.  Cheer has so much fun with people, other hounds and of course dreaming of having his very only family soon.   He is a greyt eater as well.  This 80 lb love bug would love to live with a happy-go-lucky family who does not have cats or small pets.
Lassy LASSY – Lassy is one of our new fosters who just came up from FL.  She is a sweet small female born May 2011.  Please check back for updates of Miss Lassy.
Lorenzo LORENZO – Lorenzo has also just arrived from FL.  He is a smaller beautiful brindled boy who can't wait to go to Meet and Greets.  Please check back for updates of Lorenzo.
Lynn LYNN – Lynn is another new female who has just arrived.  She has a healed broken leg but not a broken spirit.  She is very sweet can't wait to find her forever home.  Please check back for updates of Lynn.
Mick MICK – Mick is a white and red male born on 4/13/13.  He is a large loveable goofball who loves neck rubs and basically all petting from his foster parents and friends.   He is also curious with all the new things and experiences in his new life in a real home.  Playing with toys is now an activity that just makes his day.
Nerm NERM – Nerm aka Nermal is a friendly four year old love bug.  He likes being called the worlds cutest greyhound.   He is blind in one eye and has tested cat friendly but has not yet lived with a cat.
Roman ROMAN – Roman is a calm four year old black & white (tuxedo) hound with a white tipped tail! He is very sweet, likes to give kisses, is house trained, does stairs, loves car rides, walks well on a leash and likes a small treat after every meal.   He is still cautiously exploring his new world..
Tarin TARIN – Little 57 pound Tarin aka Tara is a tiny black and white female who has a repaired broken leg.  She not too fond of all this PA snow and cold.  Tara loves to cuddle by the fire and is happy-go-lucky when inside.  She seems to get along with other greyhounds.