New Dogs Arrived - More Coming Soon!

When you adopt a greyhound you save the lives of two, the one you take home and the one you've made room for in one of our foster homes.......Thank you!

WELCOME TO ALL OF OUR VISITORS! Are you seriously considering greyhound adoption? This is a wonderful place to start…by ooh’ing and ahhh’ing over these magnificent animals.

Please keep in mind that this listing is a partial glimpse of the available greyhounds looking for their comfy couch. Their profiles consist of preliminary information and can change after they are in foster care. Our Placement Coordinator has the most up-to-date information and has the responsibility of matching greyhound to family.

If you have any questions about our adoption procedure, please contact our Placement Coordinator, Christine Guth, at Remember, greyhound adoption does not fall into the “doggy in the window” category. There is a lot more to greyhound placement than falling in love with their photograph or the brief description below.

Click on a picture for a larger view.

England ENGLAND – Little Miss England has arrived.  She is a tiny dark red female who is quite calm and submissive.  Please check back on England.
Knome KNOME – Knome is a 3 year old, 60 Lb. Faun colored female who just loves to “Fluff and Cover”. She walks well on a leash, but has a high prey drive so she is not for a family with cats. She likes to be around other Greyhounds and other larger dogs. She does short length steps well, but full 2nd story ones will take time. She injured her back in her last race Jan 2014 and was treated, but currently still needs to be lifted into a vehicle and does not seem to fully enjoy car travel or tightly packed crowds.. Although she will probably have a permanent limp, she is good with children and is a very loving dog.  Knome would love to get her forever family soon.
Little Mo LITTLE MO – Little Mo has arrived and is enjoying his foster home with lots of hounds. He really loves to run!
Mead MEAD – Mead aka Missy is 6 years old and has a healed broken leg and has not had any issues with recovery. She is cute, sweet and funny! She enjoys being with her foster family who have another greyhound. She is not going to be able to live with small animals including cats. Mead is working on all this new "retirement" stuff including trying to take a nap in every corner of her foster families house. She can't believe how many stuffy toys she gets to play with..
Penny PENNY – Penny is a young female who is expected to arrive Mid-November.  Please check back on Miss Penny.
Roman ROMAN – Roman is on schedule to arrive mid-November and is looking for a foster home to spend Thanksgiving with.  Interested?
Rosa ROSA – Rosa is VERY friendly, calm, sweet in addition to being bouncy, wiggly and loving.  She is having a greyt time in her PA foster home and is so excited to see them in the morning she can hardly stand it.  She has been completely fine with their hounds and cats too.  She also enjoys meeting new people at our meet and greets.  Please check back on Miss Rosa.