First State Greyhound Rescue serves as the King’s Royal Hounds at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.  The Ren Faire is held on the grounds of the Mount Hope Estate in Manheim, PA.  Every August, the gates of the shire swing wide open for mirth and merriment amidst jousting knights and royal delights.

During the Renaissance period, greyhounds were used predominantly for hunting and were handled by fewterers, or keepers of the royal hounds.  Costumed volunteers from First State bring their dogs and become part of the theatrics of the Ren Faire.  We invite all patrons of the Ren Faire to visit our booth and meet a Royal Hound!

We are always seeking new fewterers to keep our booth staffed.  For more info about greyhounds at the Ren Faire or to volunteer please email 

Or Call Robin @ 717-368-2553
This event is held for 13 weekends from August to October.   Please visit our
Events Calendar for this year’s Ren Faire dates and weekend themes.

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

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