Saving One Greyhound at a time since 2000

First State Greyhound Rescue, Inc.

FSGR Board Members

The FSGR Board is made up of four dedicated members that meet on a monthly basis.  If you are interested in attending a Board meeting please contact the FSGR Board at

Board Member:  Steve Cuzner (President)

Board Member:   Sean Gallagher (Founding Member)

Board Member:  Christine Guth (Placement Coordinator)

Board Member:  Christopher Guth (Vice President)

About Our Organization

Who We Are

First State Greyhound Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and adoption of ex-racing Greyhound dogs.  We place greyhounds in homes around the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.

We strive to place dogs in quality adoptive homes, while providing pre-adoptive education and post-adoptive support to make the transition for both the dog and the adoptive family as smooth as possible.

It is important to us that we share our love and admiration for this noble breed with the public so that everyone may see the joy these dogs bring to many families.

First State Greyhound Rescue, Inc. holds regular Meet & Greets (which are opportunities for the public to interact with greyhounds, to bring attention to adoptable dogs, as well as to promote Greyhound advocacy and awareness), and participates in parades, fairs and other newsworthy events. We also support similar activities coordinated by other rescue organizations.