What would we do without our foster families? Take a hound off of the truck, send it to the vet and then to its foster family to learn what it means to live in a home…learn the steps and learn not to walk through the sliding glass door! Most importantly, fosters provide information to our Adoption Coordinator…information such as the hound’s personality and behavior profiling so we can make the best match with its new family. Fostering is very worthwhile, demanding, and can be very emotional when you say "goodbye."

If you are interested in learning more about our foster program, please contact our Fostering Coordinator: 

Meet & Greets

We need volunteers to not only find new venues for Meet & Greets but to host events. Think out of the box to locate someplace other than a pet store to show off our hounds! If you can't make a specific commitment to volunteer, visiting our table at a Meet & Greet with your Greyhound(s) and talking to the public will be very helpful! Visit our website for the location of an event and come visit. You'll learn how to talk "First State"and educate the public about the Greyhound and its history.

Please contact one of our Meet & Greet Coordinator for more information:


Learn more about upcoming events and how you can help.  We need assistance with coordination, scheduling, and planning.  There are exciting and fun events in the making!

If you are planning a Fundraiser and would like to make First State a beneficiary, please contact our Fundraiser Coordinator:


Transportation could mean moving a Greyhound from its foster home to the adoption representative who will be conducting a turnover.  Or, it could mean traveling to Ohio to meet the last leg of a GUR (Greyhound Underground Railroad) and bringing the pups back to Pennsylvania.  Maybe you'd drive to the rack to pick up our next group of hounds.  If you have a van or SUV, wonderful!  It's not a requirement, of course.  We could always pair you up with someone who does.

Please contact our Transportation Coordinator if you are interested in assisting with moving dogs:

Volunteer at Large

This person will fill in anywhere we need help.  For instance, if we are planning an event and need someone to coordinate volunteers, or to make phone calls to ask for baked goods.  We may need help stuffing envelopes for a mailing.  You'll be "on call" as needed. 

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator:

Here's Where We Need Your Help!

As an all-volunteer organization, First State is always in need of assistance to make our organization run effectively and efficiently. Take a look at the list below; maybe you will see an area where you can apply your interests, experience and expertise. Is there something that you are particularly good at that can be applied in our rescue? Just let us know and maybe we can make it fit!

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